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Posted on Jan 10, 2019

Set the WABAC Machine to the late 1950’s early 1960’s when traveling across America meant driving on 2-Laners and stopping at roadside attractions aka “tourist traps” along your vacationing ways.

Well, we were lucky to pick one of these roadside attractions - a long ago closed up Rock, Mineral &...

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Posted on Jan 6, 2019

This one's going home! Deborah and Craig pack their finds as the Paonia Auction wraps up. Hey Craig what's a side deal?

Click on the link in Learn More to watch…

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Posted on Jan 6, 2019

It’s a winter wonderland here in the picturesque mountain town of Redstone, Colorado. Come on up and visit us - we are open daily from 10-5 working on some awesome repurposing projects and you might catch us filming segments for our TV show…

Besides having the best source for vintage items, the ...

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Posted on Jan 6, 2019

Back in the day… one of the “coolest” winter events in Redstone was the Redstone Sled Dog Races. A northern exposure look and feel would descend on the town. Mushers from all over would gather for the sanctioned races held behind the Coke ovens along Coal Creek.

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Posted on Jan 4, 2019

If any vintage item speaks soul, substance & story - it’s rusty metal. What really gets our hearts racing are the rustic tools & equipment of those creative metalsmith who created these desirable items. Rust creates rust…

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1965 Schobob Ski Bike - Seen in Beatles Movie HELP!


Here’s your chance to own a unique and very hard to find unused / New Old Stock vintage 1965 ski bike that was featured in the Beatles movie “Help!” Yes, this is the Slalom Lenkung Schobob ski bike that was featured in the movie scene that was shot in Switzerland. During this scene the song "Ti...

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1920's Beaded Purse With Tortoise Clasp & Chain


1920's Flapper Style Beaded Purse with Tortoise Claps & Chain - Made In Belgium

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Posted on Dec 3, 2018

Hooah! Craig picked the remaining stackable/rollable industrial parts bins/racks from a closed down 1950's lawn mower factory. Do these speak repurposing... as store vignettes for displaying vintage smalls to clothing, or in your home as an open kitchen pantry and for hanging cook pots from. Oh s...

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Repurposing Tiffany of Redstone to P2R

TOR | P2R Press Release

“What the heck is Craig Stifter up to at Tiffany of Redstone?” That seems to be the question circulating the Crystal Valley in Colorado lately. To get a better handle on this conundrum we’ll need to set the Wayback Machine to the 1970’s… 

So how did it all start?  Where did Craig’s passion for picking old stuff come from? “I ‘blame’ it all on my parents!” Stifter says. Growing up in the Southwest suburbs of Chicago in the 1970’s like most little boys Craig was playing pond hockey, motor biking and building forts.  But he was also tagging along with his dad, Bob Stifter, on picks ranging from the infamous Maxwell Street Market to the enormous M&R Double Drive-In Flea Market and in between all the usual junk jaunts - estate sales, garage sales, alley dumpster diving and doing what his dad referred to as "checking the traps" aka hitting his favorite junk stops.  “Criss-crossing Chicago in my Dad’s old pick up truck full of junk, people would comically yell out ‘Hey Sanford and Son!’  What fun for a young child,” Stifter said.

His dad was known in Chicago as one of the premier pickers of all things vintage, or as Bob would say “I buy junk and sell antiques.”  According to Craig - “Now my mother never did like the sound of that, but this is the basis of today’s Repurposer.  My father - a man always ahead of his time!”

So what brought Craig’s parents to Colorado? Both Bob and Patricia Stifter were avid skiers. After Bob played in his first Rose Bowl at the University of Iowa in 1957, he drove out to Aspen in the middle of winter in his convertible MG. Having heard about the Aspen mystic and the wonderful powder snow, he had to experience it for himself.  Soon after, Craig’s parents decided to buy property in the area, thus tying his family to Colorado. In 1999 his parents moved from Chicago to the quaint mountain town of Redstone, bringing their love for all things vintage to the Crystal Valley.

After 20+ years leveraging a graduate degree in electrical engineering and an MBA from the University of Chicago, Craig moved to Redstone in 2012 to help run the family antique business - Tiffany of Redstone. A happy return to his true purpose in life. 

As a typical entrepreneur, Craig has always liked to change things up. “Tiffany of Redstone will no longer be called an antique store. Going forward we will be known for finding the most unique vintage and salvaged items and giving them a new life.” Craig decided. 

“So what’s all this about Craig ‘repurposing’ the vintage & salvaged items he’s picking?”

Repurposing is all about connecting with your home surroundings.  Mass produced furnishings have no soul, substance or story.  On the other end of the spectrum the antiques and art world has a reputation for being lofty and pretentious, an image that has run aground with today’s consumers.

As more people yearn to do new, unexpected and creative things with vintage items - choosing possessions that have a backstory and making them their own, P2R - picking2repurpose was born. People love a story," says Craig Stifter ~ P2R Founder. "They like to know the story of an item, it's soul, it’s substance.”

“What makes repurposing so exciting is you are always discovering old items that can be reimagined into a new usage. You're Picking 2 Repurpose and also Repurposing 2 Pick - it’s a never ending journey," Stifter said.

Thus the mission of P2R became clear -

The most effective form of creativity happens when you reimagine old items in a new context.

It’s been a dream of Craig’s to share his purpose via a TV show. A project that is coming to fruition airing Sunday 12/2/18 on the YouTube Channel P2R - picking2repurpose. 

Not missing a beat Craig says - “This is a very exciting venture for me! The premise of the show is good old fashion story telling - weaving together entertainment and education that speaks to a person’s individual creativity in a simple, real and valued way. The show will actively engage the viewers in the exciting journey of the pick, purpose and placement of vintage items.” 

But how can Craig run the store and do all this? Simple, teamwork! Last year a good friend of Craig’s dad, Deborah Taylor, was in need of a new home for her vintage business. Deborah brought her wealth of knowledge as a successful vintage dealer, designer and creative retail merchandiser to the P2R Team and she’s a natural fit as the show’s cohost! Stay tuned to see how Craig and Deborah’s free spirited ways make for a truly entertaining show. 

The P2R Team invites you to stop by for an unexpected experience of all types of repurposed relics and unique vintage items. Located on the beautiful Crystal River at 225 Redstone Blvd in the picturesque town of Redstone. Open Daily 10-5 | 970.963.1769 | picking2repurpose.com 

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